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Hi Guys,
Jenna Jameson here, and I am about to give away the secrets on the adult industry and tell you EXACTLY how male porn stars make their dicks so big, how they fuck like race horses without cumming, and all their never before revealed tricks and secrets – so you too can get a big dick and be the kind of well hung stud every woman wants.

So, don’t even think about leaving this page to look at the TV or play some game or beating off to one of my sexy videos – pay close attention – this is the most valuable “inside information” in the world on How to Really Make Your Cock Bigger.

How Do I Know What I Am Talking About?

No one has been fucked by more big cocks than me. I have been with the best lovers in the world, the guys with the biggest cocks and I see EXACTLY what they do when the cameras are off. I share dressing rooms with half of these guys. The porn super stars were all making their dicks bigger to fuck me! Everyone was begging to “Fuck Jenna.” Many of these guys were my friends and they told me everything. So trust me, I don’t think there is one person in the world who knows more about making a cock bigger than me. I know what happens in the “REAL WORLD” not some scientist or pharmaceutical company. I was in the heart of the action everyday and saw what it took to get the job done … I know my shit!

Why Am I Giving Away The Secrets?

I haven’t made an adult movie in over 10 years – but everywhere I go guys always come up to me - most want a picture with me, some try and invite me out for a date to try and fuck me, some want my autograph. But the number one question EVERY guy asks me is . . . how do porn stars make their cocks so big? They ask who had the biggest dick I ever fucked. They ask how porn stars can fuck me for hours with out cumming and how they shoot such big cream pies. But the # 1 question far and away is – How do porn stars get such huge cocks.

Well I have a new book out this fall called Honey (You should get a copy! It’s fantastic), and I am going to be doing book tours all over the world. Remember, I am also a New York Times Best Selling Author with millions of books sold! So, as much as I like to meet guys, I am tired of telling the same secrets over and over again to each and every single guy I meet. So I am putting the secrets up here for the world to see. Now when guys ask me “How do the porn stars get such big dicks,” I can just say –check out this website!

Do You Know What Us Women Talk About When Guys Aren’t Around?

First, off lets get one thing straight so there are no false beliefs – women want big cock! Bottom line. It’s that simple. It’s not the motion in the ocean – nope, we want it big, and the BIGGER the better. When women get together we talk about cocks. My philosophy has always been… “give it to me big, or don’t bring it at all!” I’m a dirty little thing, but so is every other women in the world. If you have a big dick, you will do better with women. If you have an averaged sized dick – then pay attention and follow my advice – you will be doing women a favor.

Here Is What Male Porn Stars DON'T DO!!
8 Myths - And The REAL Truth.

Let me clear up a few of the MYTHS I have been hearing for years and tell you what the porn stars with the big dicks DO NOT do:

  • 1. VIAGRA & CIALIS- Porn stars don’t use Viagra or Cialis – they are old news. If you take too much of it for too long it will mess you up ... I have seen it with my own eyes. When Viagra first came out it was HUGE news – but no more – too many side effects if you use them every day. Use it occasionally – but if you use it too much you build up a tolerance and your dick is screwed up forever . . .even I might not be able to get you hard ;)

  • 2. METH - They don’t use Meth to stay hard or to fuck longer without cumming. I hear that all the time from uninformed idiots who think they know something and it’s total Bull Shit.

  • 3. STEM CELLS - They don’t go to Brazil and get stem cell injections into their dicks and they don’t get penis surgery. Tranny’s go to Brazil to get sex change operations – but porn stars don’t go there to make their dicks bigger – it’s total BS.

  • 4. BS HERBAL PILLS - They don’t get free trials of pills on the Internet from some lame company with some fake expert no one has ever heard of. If a penis pill is offered to you in your email or on a porn site as a “Free Trial” . . . it’s a credit card scam. There is one site called like “Jenna’s Secrets” – like its from me. Unless you see me on the site TALKING to you in the face .. then it isn’t me and its BS.

  • 5. BORN BIG - They are not all born with big dicks … some of them were born with naturally big dicks, but not as many as you would think. And even the guys born big use the same few tricks, and take the pills I am going to tell you about to pump up their cocks to massive size.

  • 6. FAKE BIG LOADS – Many guys think the giant loads you see in porn films are fake. I have had many loads shot all over my face and I can tell you they are NOT fake. Super stars can shoot mega loads. The bigger your cock the bigger your loads. The big loads you see are real, don’t worry I’ll tell you a secret shortcut in a minute.

  • 7. SERAN WRAP – There is a rumor out there that porn stars sleep at night with their cocks covered in “lip plumping cream” and wrapped in that plastic Seran Wrap. Not true.

  • 8. DICK INJECTIONS - Years ago guys did get injections to stay hard longer. It was a drug called Caverjet. Guys would bring it to the set with them in a thermos because it had to be kept cold. They would shoot this stuff in the base of their cock and it would be hard for hours and it would make them numb so they couldn’t feel my hot pussy! What’s the point of fucking me if you can’t enjoy my pussy? But it is no longer a thing – Viagra and other stuff have made it old news. So this myth does have some truth to it, but it’s old news.

It’s a bummer that millions of guys have believed these 8 myths. It stinks, especially since it’s so easy to get a big cock and it’s easy to shoot big loads. And it’s inexpensive to get huge and have a great sex life. That’s what really sucks… but those days are now OVER!!

What Porn Super Stars REALLY Do...
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  • 3. FUCK LONGERTo fuck longer here are some of the tricks. Delay creams were used by a few of the guys – I hated it because they smell and made my vagina number – but some of the guys needed it – it was like putting their cock to sleep. But not many guys use them, but a few do.

    Other guys will take anti depressant like – Zoloft or Celexa. They will definetely make you last longer – but they also make it hard for some guys to keep an erection. I’m not telling you to take this stuff – I’m just telling you that a good number of guys took these to last longer. Another way they last so long on film is editing!! That’s right a guy would cum, we would stop and then keep screwing, but they would just cut so it looked like he didn’t cum- when he had. Happened all the time. Everyone wants a nice long ride – but size is still the most important.

  • 4. BIGGER LOADSSimple – Vitamin E. That’s all you need. Start taking 3 times the daily does of vitamin E and in about a week you will start to see your load amount increase big time! Also, the bigger your cock is the more cream you will produce. So if you enhance the size of your cock with SizeVitrexx/L-Citrulline and then also take vitamin E – they you will produce even bigger loads. Check out any adult film and see who shoots the biggest loads – it is always the bigger the dick the bigger the load – so this is another reason to make you dick bigger. You will be doing women all over the world a favor. Save a load for me :)))

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  • 5. RIPPED BODYSome guys get testosterone injections. They shoot themselves up. You have seen the guys in their 30’s, 40’s and older and they are ripped – some work out and are natural, but many also take testosterone – and they like it. It can make your dick a little fuller – but not much – it makes their bodies very nice though :))). Too much testosterone can make your balls shrink to the size of raisins! I have fucked a few guys and I reach for their balls and it was like finding two blueberries in a sandwich bag or like two croutons on a salad plate.

Don't Settle For Average - Get Huge Now!

Just imagine for a second how fucking great you are going to feel with a new massive cock. How excited you are going to be to be out on a date with a hot chick and your about to get intimate and she is reaching to slide her hands inside your jeans for the first time and you know she is about to grab the biggest fucking cock she has eve had in her hand? How fucking great is that going to be? She’ll suck on your cock all night, she’ll be begging you to fuck her again and again... trust me I know... I want to be pounded like Mike Tyson’s speed bag with your meaty sledge hammer as much as you can give me. It’s what we all want. You guys want hot chicks with big tits and we all want guys with big cocks ... bottom line.

So go Big! Grab the giant cock you have always wanted. Join the big boys who pound the fuck out of hot pussy. And remember who made it all possible ... your buddy Jenna Jameson. I’m the one who broke the silence and let you in on the adult industries biggest secret. I’m the one who tells you what some many porn stars don’t want you to know. – some of them are angry with me for spilling the beans!

So get a big, massive, thick cock and who knows, you might find yourself fucking the shit of out of me someday ... if you’re big enough.

I am happy to help. Remember, it is very rare to have someone pull back the curtain like I am doing and giving you the REAL SECRET on how to change your average cock to a porn star sized cock. I can’t tell you how to fuck better… well I could but not today… I can’t tell you how to do your job. I can’t tell you a lot of stuff, but the one thing I am a “World Fucking Expert” on is the adult industry and what REALLY goes on when the cameras are off and behind the scenes. So you can take my advice to the bank!!

All the Best,

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